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Thread: Big Show at the end!

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    Quote Originally Posted by robert l View Post
    I'm not familiar with the artist either, and I use the term artist lightly, but my wife has heard of them. Either way I won't be attending the concert. When I was there for REO SpeedWagon I just had to walk away after about 15 min. The crowd was so annoying and inconsiderate, I felt it best I just leave before, well, I'm old and don't tolerate being stepped on, pushed and my view being blocked ! Thank goodness I know my limits !

    This is me to a tee. lol. I haven't been to one of the opening night concerts since the Beach Boys. I was there for, at most, 20 minutes. My wife, kids, and I left for all the reasons you stated above.
    He77, the people wouldn't even move their hands, propping themselves up, to let us out. Finally, I told the kids, "just walk, where ever you have to, to get out."

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