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Thread: Amending the Operating Limitations to IFR

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    Amending the Operating Limitations to IFR

    Perhaps this has come up in the past, but I couldn't find it anywhere.

    I purchased an Experimental aircraft two years ago that has the following operating limitation... "After completion of phase 1 flight testing, unless appropriately equipped for night and/or instrument flight in accordance with 91.205, this aircraft is to be operated under VFR, day only."

    Now, I have spent the last year upgrading the panel to dual EFIS and GNS480. Having satisfied 91.205, is there anything else that has to be done as in... with the FAA, in order to file IFR (I'm not talking about altimeter/transponder checks), or are my operating limitations in-fact not limiting me any longer?

    More importantly for me, how would I go about changing my operating limitations to "Day/Night and/or IFR"?

    I'll try attaching before and after photos below.

    Thanks, Capt_Meatballs.
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