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Thread: Airline Passenger Rights Are Tenuous

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    Airline Passenger Rights Are Tenuous

    From USA TODAY, June 8, editorial, certain rights of airline passengers are subject to change by DOT which seems to be acting contrary to consumer protection for passengers.
    Currently, airlines are required to quote realistic fare prices, that is they have to give the total. Otherwise they could quote a lower fare and then add in fees and taxes,which can amount to a 20% boost to the total.
    Also, a very important consumer right is that a passenger has 24 hours to cancel a reservation without penalty.
    Also there are sites that compare all the fares for different airlines, and that is in doubt also, so its repeal would make shopping more difficult.
    And why are there efforts to repeal these rights? Follow the money. $$$ When you dont redially see a cause, its probably money$$$$$$$
    The editorial also prints a rebuttal by the CEO of American, which talks about how many people are flying, not really the point of the editorial, and against large on line ticket sellers.
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