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Thread: Disabled Camping in Camp Scholler

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    Disabled Camping in Camp Scholler

    I will be taking my dad to Airventure this year, it will be his first time (and only chance to go). I really want him to attend before his health deteriorates so that he cannot travel. This will be my first time camping in Scholler (I usually am in the North 40). I am really worried about being parked so far away so that my father doesn't bother leaving the RV in order to avoid walking. He is eligible to camp in disabled camping (he isnt wheelchair bound but cannot walk very much), but I have no idea if these areas fill up with locals before the show start. We wont be able to arrive before the Friday before opening day.

    I am told the area designated is the area just to the west of Paul's Woods, as well as to the east of the water and electric sites.

    Any idea how fast this will fill up? Do we have a chance of finding a spot if we arrive Friday 20 July this year? Do they enforce the rules on eligibility in these areas or do people not eligible take these spots anyway?

    I do plan to look into renting a scooter inside the show or to encourage him to make max use of trams

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    I worked as a volunteer parking campers for several years. You should have no problem finding a spot in handicapped parking. I would suggest when you check in explain your request and they will summon someone to guide you into a spot. All you should need is a handicapped parking sticker for your unit. From there, there is regular handicapped bus service to get you into the show. Hope that helps, Glenn
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    Thanks very much. After reading that the camping spots start disappearing a month before the show, I was really starting to get nervous whether we would be able to camp there after driving across the country.

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    Here's a website for more information about people who need extra help walking since the EAA grounds are so large. On that same website, he can also rent a scooter if he doesn't have one. It'll cost $82.00 per day to rent a scooter. The buses that circulate in Camp Scholler runs from 6:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m daily, and 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 pm on Sunday. They even have a handicap bus so he can be able to get on it with a scooter. Also, they have trams on the EAA convention ground that everybody takes advantage of even people who has scooters. A map of routes can be found when you register for camping or when you you are picking up your wristbands.

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    I am handicap and have a mobility chair. I don't stay in the handicap area. Reason being there are handicap buses that run through the campgrounds often. The drivers are wonderful and extremely helpful. They will give you a number to call to get a bus to you. Want to go to seabase? Just tell the driver. They will take you there. Same with the museum. I have never had a bad experience with the handicap bus drivers. However, if you go to the night airshow it could take a while to get back to your campsite. Just one of those things....

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