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Thread: Paint for fabric covered aircraft

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    Chuck: I would highly suggest that you download and read the SDS sheets on Imron and it's various components before you settle on using it. It is highly toxic while being mixed and sprayed. I had a friend that 20+ years of randomly spraying Imron and other toxic paints with just dust or filtered masks, died of various problems brought on by having less than 20% lung function due to inhaling the fumes and particles. A forced air mask and suit are required to shoot it due to it's some of it's components.
    Couple that with it running in the 500$ a gallon or higher range, there are less expensive and less toxic products out there.
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    When I was a kid, back in the late '60's, I rebuilt a wrecked Taylorcraft BC-12D. I used DuPont Dulex enamel, which Stits recommended. Applied two cross coats and used about a gallon and half. It came out beautiful and in the 500 hours and seven years I owned it stayed in great shape. By the way, the compressor was homemade and the gun was a Buffalo brand, similar to Harbor Freight stuff now. Bought the wreck for 375 dollars, overhauled the engine with new surplus parts, new prop and glass, repaired struts and spars and interior and etc. Had a little over eleven hundred dollars total in acquisition and rebuild, total. I was fortunate to be guided by aviation friends and mechanics because I knew very little about airplanes! Lynn Pitts EAA #49054

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    This might be too late for the OP but have you seen this .... using household paint.... watch video
    Be aware that modern house paint does not have any Latex. 100% acrylic polymers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyle Boatright View Post
    IIRC from a factory tour some years ago, the Legend Cub guys used PPG Concept (an automotive Acrylic Urethane) as the topcoat on their factory built planes. I forget which system they used through the silver coats. Maybe Stewarts, maybe not...
    Anyone know anything about PPG Aerospace paint? I saw a demo Kitfox at Airventure this year and that's what they had it painted with. And it's a fabric covered airplane. I would like to find out about the paint components like flex agents and types of finish, flat, semi gloss, gloss, etc.

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    Cover your airframe with white Oratex and paint it whatever color you like...

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    Or cover it in Oratex and don't paint it. It comes in a variety of colors.

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    If anyone is interested in learning the Stewart Systems from cover to paint, I will be doing another seminar in Nipomo, Ca Nov. 30 - Dec. 2. Each attendee will start with a bare rudder on Friday and have them completely painted by Friday.

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