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Thread: A Passion for Flight

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    A Passion for Flight

    Hello, I am retired RCAF and currently work for an air ambulance company. Iíve been flying and teaching the art of tailwheel flying for several years and have a true passion for aviation. I have also done a couple of EAA webinars and hope to do more in the future. A couple of months ago I started an Instagram account.

    My fundamental aim is to inspire involvement in aviation.

    I would very much appreciate any feedback; please let me know what you think.


    Glen Oliphant

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    Nice pictures, I followed you. (PS, you are missing an "n" in your first name.)
    Glenn Brasch
    Tucson, Arizona
    2013 RV-9A / 1952 Piper Tri-Pacer
    Medevac helicopter pilot (Ret)
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    Owner, "Airport Courtesy Cars" website.
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    Hi Glenn,

    Thanks for your comment; I like your website, it's a good idea and very useful.

    I think I will start a list of useful websites like this.


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