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Thread: Stewart Systems covering and painting seminar

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    Stewart Systems covering and painting seminar

    Hi All,
    Just wanted to let you guys know, I have a three day Stewart Systems covering and painting seminar coming up June 1-3 in Nipomo, CA. There's been lots of questions about Stewart Systems here and this would be a good opportunity to learn the entire system. If you are interested, let me know. I've been very busy with my 2+2/PA-14 project; getting closer! Thanks.

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    I used Stewart on my plane and came out with a OK result. If I had to do it over again I would take a seminar like this one. Stewart fabric glue is very easy to use but painting turned out to be the most difficult part of the build. That is no doubt due to my lack of experience, I had never painted anything before, and my lack of nearby help. The folks at Stewart were available by phone but that's not the same as having someone show you the ropes in person. Also, I used a Citation 4 stage turbine sprayer which Stewart does not recommend. It worked, but I spent lots of time experimenting with different nozzles, flow settings, etc. Using the equipment recommended by Stewart would have made it easier. If anyone is considering using Stewart I suggest taking a seminar like this one. I don't know what the seminar costs but in my case it would have been cheap at twice the price. I bet it would have saved me a month in build time and an immeasurable amount of frustration as well.

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