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Thread: Questions about building a kit in Canada to be registered and flown in the U.S.

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    I believe we took your post in the correct vein, baldcaldwell. From your post, it was evident that you weren't quite up to speed with the terminology, practices, etc. Not insulting or anything - we all started at zero knowledge at some point in our own builds, so I was asking questions to kinda probe what you did/didn't know so we could encourage or scold appropriately. It's always frustrating when you need some help right on the cusp of a weekend or holiday, so we all try to jump in and help out until you have the time to talk to the experts on Monday.

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    I was at the Aviation Trade Show in Anchorage today and Bearhawk had a booth there. I spoke to Mark Goldberg who told me they have several options they can recommend regarding builder assist. If you call him he will lay it all out for you. Again, good luck.

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    Thank you, Carl and Tralika! I am glad to hear Mark has builder assist options available now. I'm on that first thing today!!!

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