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Thread: Adding Cessna 150 inspection panels

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    Adding Cessna 150 inspection panels

    Does anyone know of an approval to add inspection holes and plates to the Cessna 150 fuselage ? The C150 MM does not address this subject. The older Cessna MMs used to give guidelines for adding inspection panels to the wings.

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    I will note that in this day of cheap inspection scopes that plug in to your phone, there is very little need for inspection panels unless you need to lubricate something. You can use modern technology to see most places. And in the Cessna's you can pretty much carefully crawl into spots that allow you to touch every point in the fuselage. Not comfortable but you can get there.

    That said, AC43.13-2b is your go-to reference for doing that type of alteration.
    The Cessna 100 series "maintenance manuals" is not FAA approved data so you have to A) resort to AC43.13, and B) do a FAA Form 337 Field Approval with your friendly local A&P IA and FSDO to be 100% approved and correct.

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    Cessna might have approved repair bulletins available. I got free wing inspection panel installation info from Grob.

    Fuselage skins are thicker than wing skin, more structural importance. A standard panel repair might work with solid rivets.
    But a removable panel with screws are not usually a tight fit like rivets.

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