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Thread: T-6 crash

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    T-6 crash

    A T-6 described as vintage aircraft crashed on take-off at NAS Kingsville, two dead. The plane was civilian, pilot and passenger visiting employee of NAS Kingsville.

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    I dont know any details other than its a real T-6 not the new turbo one. Seems like a good vmc day and long runway, dont see any reason to crash. One thing ,might be if it was refueled on base, if jet fuel could have been put in by mistake. New military guys may not know or even have gasoline avialable. Could have happened, though unlikely. A sad day

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    The pilot was Steve DeWolf, Dallas area lawyer, Naval Academy grad. Passenger was Charles Skoda. DeWolf also owned a Stearman. The T-6 bears the number 377 in photos. The only account states that the airplane caught fire after take-off.

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