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    I want to use Foreflight. I'm a VFR pilot with a VFR airplane, '67 KCAB Citabria. I bought a refurbished iPad with 32 GB Wifi + cellular from Apple and a slightly used Scout ADS-B receiver off ebay. Got a holder for the iPad for Ram Mount. I plan on using the $99 version but might eventually upgrade to the $199 version to try the synthetic vision thing.

    I want to try and us it to get from South Texas to Airventure in July. I currently have a Garmin 96C that works but doesn't have weather.

    Is there anything else I need to get this operating. Oh yeah, also have a relatively new iPhone.

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    I use iFly, but you shouldn't have any issues in your plane getting a good GPS signal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by waltermitty View Post
    ... might eventually upgrade to the $199 version to try the synthetic vision thing.

    ... doesn't have weather.
    To answer your question - you will need the GPS antennae (unless there is a GPS in the iPad)) - strongly recommend the Stratus II. You will need the Stratus unit to pick up the ADS-B weather.

    I have tried several of the iPad based EFB's - Foreflight is one of the best - though I have never purchased it because it has a lot more than what I need. Try the free (as in $0.00) tools. Some of them are pretty good. They don't have all the features as Foreflight or the other EFB's, but can serve a lot of basic needs. I purchased the iFly tool several years ago and have renewed the subscription several times. I find it very easy to use, but it doesn't have all the features of Foreflight.

    I believe the EFB's can greatly enhance situational awareness and every pilot who flies cross country should have one. However, I have seen pilots develop some very bad habits - relying on them for more than situational awareness.

    I have a hard time envisioning the need for synthetic vision while flying VFR.

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    I bought the iPad with phone that has built in GPS and Scout and the $99 basic Foreflight. I am still in the process of getting it working.

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    Buy the subscription to Foreflight. It is well worth it. You will get constantly updated charts and procedures, and always have the legal requirements on board. Planning flights is super simple. Your iPhone can serve as backup. The Stratus is also invaluable for the incoming weather, ADSB traffic, ADAHRS for the synthetic vision, etc.

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