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Thread: Early Aviary Sensor System

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    Early Aviary Sensor System

    While doing some genealogy research, my wife found the enclosed story that I found fascinating. PETA would have a field day, but remember, it was 1915. It was published in September 1915 in the Glasco Sun, Glasco KS.

    "The London Daily Chronicle republishes from the Cologne Gazette an odd article on the use of animals to signify the approach of enemy aeroplanes. The writer, who is evidently quite serious, has noticed that the sight of certain animals is much keener than that of human beings, and in a hasty view of the entire animal kingdom he comes to the conclusion that birds have the most alert vision and that hens and pigeons are the birds most get-at-able, most easily trained, and most reliable.

    Hens will protect their chickens against soaring birds of prey which the sharpest human sight cannot discover, and pigeons will fly in any weather and are extraordinary docile. The training of a hen or a pigeon to announce the approach of an aeroplane is much easier than one would think. They are to be placed captured in the vicinity of a descending air machine, and as soon as the airman lands he is to rush at the unfortunate fowls and belabor them with a rod. This practice is to be repeated until the hen or pigeon believes its life to be endangered by anything on a large scale descending from the skies. All day long these terrified birds will strain their vision skyward and the remotest speck in the vault of heaven will flutter the dovecotes and hencoops as nothing else would.

    Another bird which adapts itself to this military service is the common crow. He has the most extraordinary eyes, which enable him to see in front of him and behind. And object for which a man requires a telescope is easily discovered by the crow without any telescope. Crows are very wise creatures, says the Cologne writer, and one you catch him and whack him sufficiently, you will be surprised at the results when the enemy aeroplanes come along."

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    I think the bird should get together and sue the govt for abusing their long dead relatives,,,,like everybody else is.

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