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Thread: VAA Antiques Judge died after 27 years service to VAA

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    VAA Antiques Judge died after 27 years service to VAA

    My good friend Mike Shaver was killed in a plane crash a couple weeks after AirVenture 2018.
    Mike worked as an Antiques judge for about 27 consecutive years, traveling to OSH from CA. with his wife Eleanor (who vas a volunteer at the red barn).
    As all the judges do, he spent his OSH week working in the hot sun/rain, whatever to make VAA what it is.
    I have not see any mention of his passing or a thank you for his service in the VAA magazine.
    I have written a letter to the editor and emailed VAA asking just for a mention and thank you to Mike and Eleanor in the magazine, I have gotten no response at all. If I missed it in an issue, please tell me what month it was.
    Is this asking too much of VAA?
    Bill Becker VAA 726066

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    Write Susan Dusenbury (Vintage Director). I guarantee you'll get a response. Unlike the mainline EAA, the emails for all the VAA directors is in the magazine each month.

    Note, that there's quite an editorial lead time on the printed magazines, so it may just be they haven't gotten it into print yet.

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    Thanks Ron, maybe I should be more patient.

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    Hi Bill,
    I just wanted to add my condolences to this thread on Mike.When Mike first started judging down at Oshkosh I was his partner. After I wasdone with my judging days there and was just enjoying the shade under my winghe would always make it a point to stop by and say hi and catch up on what wasnew. Gods speed my old friend, and may you fly an old biplane west to thesunset with a forever full tank of gas.
    Bob Kitslaar

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