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Thread: Instrument replacement. Preventive maintenance?

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    Instrument replacement. Preventive maintenance?

    I've read through the regs many times but I'm still unclear on this. I try to do all the preventive maintenance on my Cherokee I possibly can and I've been told by others that an owner can replace instruments. I see the rules spell out that electronics can be pulled from trays but Can an owner replace instruments on a certified aircraft including an altimeter under the rules?

    I'm working on my second aircraft build so the mechanical knowledge isn't a problem.

    Thanks for any insight on this.

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    Part 43 Appendix A does not specifically allow replacement of instruments and/or altimeters.

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    I agree with Marty. Instruments are not listed as Preventive Maintenance. Further, NOT all tray mounted avionics can be removed and replaced. It specifically disallows DME, autopilots, and Transponders.

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