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Thread: Camping Oshkosh 1st time

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    I to have been going to Oshkosh ( the locals call it EAA ) on day trips for many years but started camping at Scholler about 7 years ago. The first morning still gives me chills as I woke to afterburners at sunrise with the first takeoff of the day, still gives me chills. Not sure everybody else enjoyed waking up this way but hey it is the greatest airshow on earth. Decided to go later in the week for Sloshkosh and nearly froze at Frostkosh. Most of the time the weather is great but anything can happen. Some years they sale 50 gallon barrels of cheap rain coats and some they sell none. Bring hat sunglasses and sunscreen and expect the best time of your life.

    I like to get there on Friday morning but expect to set up West of Stitts or South of Elm and not real close to the shower houses as most all other sites are already taken or reserved, many by volunteers that have been there for weeks or more. If you are in a RV and want power and or water you have to reserve these on a first pay basis. There are some buses that volunteers use but I bring a bike to get around and there is some food venders because of the great amount of volunteers or run into town.

    You can volunteer in any area that interest you or watch the flight line or the campers coming in or help somebody set up, say you are building a RV this a good way to get to know the company. But please stay out of the restricted area as this is a job site of lift trucks delivery vehicles large aircraft set up personal going in all directions, you are just in the way and nobody wants to talk as they have so many things going on to get ready.

    There seems to be two different types of campers, those that bring the whole family or bring a whole wagon train of family and friends and those of us that are solo. I have found it very interesting meeting those who are solo, wish there was an area for solo to Scholler to share stories with others. Have had great times and hope you do too.

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    One more quick clarification on this policy: pedestrians are being encouraged to use Wittman and Knapp when crossing what's being called the "restricted" area. Basically what we're trying to avoid is traffic (foot and vehicular) around the exhibits in that area, because of the use of forklifts, etc. We're developing a common Q&A list involving this policy, as there has been confusion about certain things. Thanks for your patience!

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    Thanks for all the information. I was thinking of showing up solo and leaving the family at home. I wasn’t sure if a lot of people did this or not at Oshkosh?????? And yes I am seriously thinking of building a rv-10 I can’t wait to see some of the actual planes and talk with the owners.

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    Al, Oshkosh is about the most family-friendly venue on the planet! There's something for everyone. Look at the site for KidVenture - but I don't know your kid ages or even if you have kids. Some spouses love it, some really don't. I would guess that the vast majority of attendees bring the family. There's forums and activities for all, including craft tents, etc., if someone's not into airplanes. There's even buses that will take you over to the outlet malls or other tours if they need a break.

    I used to attend Oshkosh solo from Saturday PM thru Wednesday. The first time I took my wife, she made me extend our stay (we use the dorms) for the full week the following year.

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