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Thread: GoPro Session 5 Field of View Aerial Compare: Good-bye Fish-eye!

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    GoPro Session 5 Field of View Aerial Compare: Good-bye Fish-eye!

    In this video, we're doing a comparison between the Field of View Settings of Wide versus Linear on our GoPro Session 5 cameras. We mounted 2 cameras, side-by-side on the strut of our Cessna. One set with a field of view of Wide and the other set to Linear.

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    Got any split screens showing the same scene from the two cameras at the same time (synced)? The video is careful not to allow direction comparison between the two modes for some reason.

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    Good point. I have redone the "Wide" and "Linear" shots from the strut in the video. They are now in sync and shown in the split-screen to help show the difference in the cameras. Here's part 2:

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    As a demo of flying and multiple views during the flight, it's a nice video. As a comparison of the two settings, which seems to be what you're advertising, neither version of your video is much help. Oh granted that I can see the wing shadow isn't curved in the "linear" setting, and that the nose of the aircraft is visible in the "wide" setting, but the comparison views (in either video) are on screen such a short time that this old man is unable to really compare the views. Without time to focus on details of one shot then switch my mental focus to the other (needs more than three or four seconds, for me), I can only see that the focal length is a little longer in the "linear" view, and even that is mostly because of a couple of landmarks and the aircraft nose.

    Probably I'm old fashioned, and certainly I'm not young, but today's commercials and music videos concentrate so hard on matching the beat of the music (MTV syndrome??) and changing the view constantly (eliminate boredom???) that I often find them hard to watch, never having time to actually see and register more than a fleeting glimpse of what's in the frame. That's the same feeling I get in your video.

    Perhaps others are accustomed to this, but it's very distracting to me. So though it's a nice video, well done from a technical standpoint, it's hard for me to watch, and I can't really appreciate the comparison you are trying to make. Is it just me???

    Larry N.

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    Inuss, you're right they should have extended the comparison shots, but for a guy like me that uses a GoPro 3 and looks at a lot of video shot from it, the differences are immediately apparent and I wanted to see other angles.
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