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Thread: Registering airplane

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    You say he owns the house, but does he own the barn?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Giger View Post
    One doesn't need a bill of sale from the kit manufacturer. One needs a bill of sale from the guy who sold it to you. You don't need a bill of sale from the factory when one buys a new car, do you? The last guy is fine.

    This is not correct. If a person registers a "KIT" and is the original applicant (that is, the aircraft has never been registered before), the FAA will require a chain of ownership all the way back to the kit manufacturer. In this case, the applicant MUST have a bill of sale from the kit manufacturer. If buying the kit from a previous owner (who never registered the kit with the FAA) the new purchaser had better get the bill of sale that was issued by the kit manufacturer to that original purchaser, AND a bill of sale from that person to the new owner, or the registration will not be completed. It has been this way for many years. This is ONLY when registering a "kit". An aircraft that was assembled from "miscellaneous parts" needs no bill of sale from anyone.

    Once the aircraft has been registered, whether completed or not, any subsequent sale will only require a bill of sale from the registered owner. But for that initial registration of a KIT, a bill of sale from the kit manufacturer is required, along with bills of sale from any intermediate owners.


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    So don't register it as a kit but as a scratch build with some used parts. As I understand it, the only advantage of registering it as a kit is that (if it's an approved kit) you don't have to document the percentage done for the so-called 51% rule.

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    As far as I know all Kitfox have the serial numbers stamped somewhere on the airframe (I built and own a model 5 Kitfox). You should contact the factory to ask them where the s/n is located on the different models. Do you know what model of Kitfox it is? The factory may be able to help you with information about the original purchase.

    If the plane has been previously built and has an airworthiness certificate then it only needs to be rebuilt and reregistered. You can't build an existing kit plane again. You should be able to find the plane in the FAA database.

    If the aircraft was never finished you can do this and become "the builder". Kitfoxes are approved kits and meet the 51% rule and it doesn't matter how many people work on it, the person that finishes the plane can submit their name as the builder. I was the second owner of my unfinished Kitfox, but I am the builder.

    Good luck on this. Kitfox are great planes and there is a great forum called Team Kitfox. You can get most of the parts for the models, as well as a builders manual from the factory.
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