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Thread: UL Interested How to Fly?

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    Hi there wm - I see you have MS Flight Sim X. There's a book with downloadable misions for real world flight training experiences:

    You can get an ultralight plane an practice with that.

    This a good book too if you're building your own (I think a pdf file might be available on google):

    planes here (and/or google):

    X-plane is a good sim too with good flight dynamics.


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    Hi WM
    I didn't speak of how I got my training. I did in another thread before and got slapped down by a few negative attitudes. I started with 10 yrs of combat flight sims 7 yrs of which were with a very special flight controller. Custom built by me. One of the main arguments is the fact of a plastic desktop joystick. It will not contribute much in the way of motor skill. From a sim user motor skills are everything if one wants to stay alive in the combat scene. Training on something unrealistic? You should invest in rudder pedals. and as much real input device as you can create or buy.
    I did still fallow up with a CFI. and read the aforementioned book See How it Flies as well the Ul training manual I had purchased.
    On top of designing my own Ultra light Seaplane. That part alone teaches more about the plane than just buying and flying.
    I'm not recommending taking my path. It only reflects on my will to fly and over come all obstacles.
    You can buy a plastic joystick and make a similar controller as the one I did . Just take care not to short circuit the electronics.
    The motor skills coupled with the right tool . do more than half the training should one have to take the single seat avenue for the actual real flight training. This is my training tool.Name:  sim controler.jpg
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    Thanks for the replies, I was beginning to think this Forum was dead. Yes I have Flight Sim X up and running, and yes I know its not real but for someone who has never flown an air craft of any kind its a learning thing.
    Actually I came accross the Afford a Plane Group on Face Book, checked into and ordered the plans. It may never happen but who knows, my first year of retirement I built a 3 point backhoe for my JD Tractor.

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    Insurance? What about Liability Ins for a Ultra Light or Sport Air craft? Yes and thanks for the suggestion I did order that book and I hope the disk comes with it.

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