OK, new guy here But I have been around and ridden motorcycles, snowmobiles and engines all my life. Grew up on a farm and was welding a gokart up when I was 12 years old back in the 1950's. Can fix or fab out of metal not an issue, even have a small home machine shop.

Even spent 4 years in the USAF as a Air Craft Electrician, worked on the Cessna 310 up to B52's. At one time I had the books for ground school to learn how to fly.

Now many years later I got interested in Ultra Lights, Aerolite 103 or a Phantom (used) are some that caught my eye. So what books can I buy that can give me an overview on flying one? Yes I know you can't learn from a book to fly, but the basics.

Yes I am a Retired Master Electrician and worked in the commercial HVAC field a Union shop for years, taught and also have a ham radio license from the 1970's.