Hi Solidworks users,

I'm looking for advice on how to determine which Tools/Options settings are causing crashes.

Here's what is happening:
When I run SW using whatever the default options/tools are (it's a new/clean install, no prior versions, haven't changed anything), I'm able to start a new part, select plane, sketch, then select a drawing tool (line, rectangle, circle, etc.), and then the instant I click in the drawing space, it crashes. Also, I can open an existing part, move it, change views, etc. but again- if I try to actually sketch anything, it crashes instantly.

When I try the first safe mode in SW Rx using OpenGL:
I'm able to sketch lines, rectangles, etc. without crashing, however it is so incredibly slow to refresh/redraw it's basically unusable in the OpenGL mode.

When I use the second safe mode in SW Rx bypassing the tools/options settings:
It runs fast and flawlessly! I can sketch complete parts and haven't had any issues whatsoever with crashing or performance.

So how do I figure out exactly which tool/option is causing crashes when I try to run SW normally (not in safe mode)?
And then how does one disable whatever tool/option that's causing SW to crash?

Thanks in advance,