Some rules in Canada confuse me. I think you meant VFR On Top only if the origin and destination are scattered or better, correct?

Once upon a time, I flew an aerobatic contest in Canada where the ceiling was 700' with large holes drifting by. Relatively thin layer with blue sky above. The TC rep was standing right there as the Contest Director briefed that we would launch, fly to a hole, climb above the layer and hold over a road intersection until one of the large holes moved over the contest box. The Chief Judge would call us in to fly our competition flight program. When we finished we navigated to another hole to descend and return to the airport under the 700' ceiling. With Transport Canada right there, as an American I assumed that this was an aspect of Canada rules that were different. Off we went and flew the contest.

So were we doing what in Canada is VFR On Top? Or does that just apply to cross country flight above the clouds?

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