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Thread: UWO Non A/C room Question

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    UWO Non A/C room Question

    Hi, I am coming over to Oshkosh from Thailand, first time visit and the only affordable rooms left I can find are the UWO Non A/C room's.

    A couple of other questions:-

    • Has anyone stayed in these rooms who can give feedback on how the rooms are? Are they stinking hot or is it more than manageable with a good fan?
    • I read on some posts about a dining room, is it like a cafeteria and is it open breakfast through dinner?
    • What hours does the shuttle bus run? Is that a better option even if you have a car in terms of convenience?

    Thanks alot


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    I have stayed in a non-A/C room there. If you have a decent fan it's not terrible. You might want to bring your own sheets. The mattresses are vinyl covered, and the cheap skimpy sheets tend to slide right off during the night, leaving you laying on sticky, sweaty vinyl.

    My only experience with the dining facility (a couple of blocks from the dorm I was in) was breakfast. Not bad, cafeteria style. Don't know when it closes.

    Buses are cheap and fairly frequent as I recall. Don't remember when they stop running, I think it might have been 11 but someone else can confirm or correct. Parking is an expensive PITA if you drive. You'll spend a lot of time and money dealing with a car there.
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    Probably more info than you want, but feel free to ask questions.

    1. Bus runs every 1/2 hr from both the dorm and the bus park on the convention grounds. At peak rush times (roughly 6:30 AM to about 9:30 AM), they have 'em stacked up, so if one fills up, you don't have to wait another 1/2 hr. As soon as the full one leaves, another one comes around the corner. Works very well. Same thing leaving the convention in the evening. But, the busses run all day long, so if you want to run back to the dorm, no prob. I think they stop leaving the convention grounds around 11 PM. You can buy a bus pass for the week; it's in the neighborhood of $22-25; can't remember. They have them for sale at the dorm registration area. You can also buy single-day passes if you don't want to have the $$$ in hand. Bus drivers don't make change, so either the pass or exact change is required. I *think* it's now $3. The way it ran last year, you pay the $3 in the AM at the dorms, and the return trip is free. I buy my wife the weekly pass; sometimes she wants to go back to the dorms mid-day, so it's convenient for her.

    2. The main cafeteria at UWO is right at the bus stand. Breakfast and supper. I think it's around $9 in the AM and $12 at supper, but don't quote me on that. I don't eat there. The food is good, etc., but we have a group of friends and we like to rotate thru the various restaurants in the area. I've eaten at the cafeteria once in my 19 years of attendance. In the AM, there's a "garden room" on the first floor of Gruehagen dorms (diagonal from the cafeteria, so not far) that offers ala carte stuff like bagels, cereal, coffee, juices, fruit, and pastry if you don't need a full up breakfast.

    3. The "tradition" in the non-a/c rooms is that upon arrival, you trek over to WalMart or Target and buy a window fan for $16; use it for the week, then just leave it in the room when you leave. Or pack it and take with you if you desire. Main thing is that it's all weather-dependent. We've had weeks when it never got above 72 deg (in the 50's in the AM), and weeks when it never dropped below 90. If you use a fan while sleeping, another tradition is to use a shoe to prop-open your dorm door to allow some cross ventilation. It helps. A lot. I've never heard of any issues with that arrangement like theft, etc. *May* have happened, but you do what you have to do to get some decent sleep. It also helps to bring a small assortment of mini-bungee cords so you can secure the fan into the window opening.

    4. In recent years (past 3 or so), the sheet & towel offerings (at least in the a/c dorms) has improved quite dramatically. We used to bring our own sheet sets; now we just bring fitted bottom sheets; the supplied top sheet is just fine. There's no fitted bottom sheet, so if you don't like it pulling up on you, bring your own. These are Twin XL (long) mattresses, so don't bring std twin sheets.

    5. Each dorm room has a refrigerator and microwave. We go to WM/Target on arrival and get a bunch of those Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches, then just pop em in the microwave in the AM. Works well for us. Also works well to cool/freeze water bottles.

    6. Dorm rooms are SMALL. Wall to wall, it's about 10'. Twin bed, 4' floor, twin bed. End to end, not much room. Wall, 6.5' bed, desk, 2' for chair, and open closet (bring your own hangars or buy once you arrive). Bathrooms down the hall. Please don't walk the halls with holey undies in the middle of the night....

    7. We have a car the full week (we fly in to Milwaukee, but O'Hare is probably easier for international). We leave it at the dorms and use the bus. It's mostly used for running to a store or the nightly restaurant runs. You can park ANYWHERE on the UWO campus except the marked police and handicap spaces. Lots of parking available, but you might have to walk a block. The bus is much easier to take to the grounds, and is allowed to take short cuts to get around the backed-up lines of cars trying to get into one of the lots. Cheaper too; I think it's $8-10 per day to park a car on the grounds.

    8. If you want an a/c dorm for 2019, you basically have to start calling the reservation number at 8 AM (not 7:59) July 1st Central Daylight Time. Since this year July 1st is a Sunday, check the website; they noted that it would be a different day, but whether that's 6/30 or 7/2 I can't recall. I've blown a gasket and forgot; called at noon and the a/c rooms were long gone. Got on the waiting list, and eventually got one a week before convention.

    9. Dorms are great for what they are. Convenient; food available, fast food or other restaurants are in walking distance. Lot's of international visitors stay in the dorms, so we've met so many great folks over the years. We've thought about renting a house or camping, but the flexibility of having the bus AND a car overcomes any logistical issue we've thought of. As an example, my wife shows up on the grounds around 10; I'm at 7. With one car and no bus, we couldn't do that. I don't know how close Uber or Lyft could get you. If we rented a house with 2 other close families and one-two cars, it just wouldn't work.
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    Awesome replies thanks everyone!

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    We actually got the air conditioned rooms at UWO, which were fine, but we ended up sleeping with the windows open, the weather was really nice. Oshkosh 2017 was really nice, we had a blast!!

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