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Thread: Air bike Tandem- getting started

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    Air bike Tandem- getting started

    I recently received my plans for an air bike tandem. I plan on scratch building but this is my first endeavor. I would love to connect with people that have experience with them, or building in general. I値l be registering it experimental. I知 in North San Diego county. Anyone local. I plan to head down to Brown field next Sat for EAA breakfast, hoping to connect with someone.


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    I have not built an air bike but I am finishing up a Zenith 701 and previously built and still fly a Pulsar XP out of Big Bear airport. Am always open for visitors.
    Bob H

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    I have a single-place Air Bike that I'm flying out of Ramona Airport. I'd be happy to show you the aircraft and help you any way I can.


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