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So Dan what is the total cost for a non-pilot to complete the Academy and will that include flying instruction also?
Joe is the director and the best source of information. For the $10K, you get excellent lodging and meals, access to ground transportation, 3 well maintained Skycatchers, a private Museum tour, rides in some cool vintage airplanes, and all the flying hours your butt can stand. Oshkosh is a nice little town, has a real Midwest country town feel. You will need to bring personal items, and a laptop or tablet is very useful. You may need to purchase a Logbook and 2018 FAR/AIM if you don't have them. The pace of training is brisk, and there will be weather and maintenance delays. Since I flew commercial from Seattle to Milwaukee and rented a car for 3 weeks, that came to another $1,000 or so. There are many fine stores and an excellent YMCA in the vicinity also.