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Thread: Fuel system damage from Ethanol

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    Nov 2012
    Brand New Airplane and Engine. They had 4 hrs total time on both air frame and engine. Ethanol fuel was used.

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    Rotax claims the 912 is good up to E10, but I have had problems with E10 in 2 motorcycles, so I would avoid it. Here in Gig Harbor, we can get E-free gas at a marina or use 100LL from the airport. Not cheap, but available. Some good effective fuel stabilizers are sold at most motorcycle shops, and STA-BIL works well too.

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    Mogas with booze is horrible for fuel lines, carbs, fuel shut off valve, drain valves, etc., etc., etc. It also screws up fuel tanks, disolves gunk and sends the gunk through the fuel system
    100LL has too much lead.
    I once bought a tankful of unleaded, booze-free gas from a truck at San Carlos Aiprot (KSQL). I paid $7 per gallon, and was happy to pay it. A blend of 100LL and booze-free mogas would be optimal for my C-150 O200-A.

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    Wow, that's really expensive.

    I paid $3.86 for 90 octane ethanol free MOGAS day before yesterday from our local Marathon station.
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