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Thread: How to start in Aerobatic training....

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    Big Grin How to start in Aerobatic training....

    Hi all,
    I'm trying to find information about getting started in aerobatic training. The information is so limited and hardly anyone replies with information.
    I have a PPL with 400 Hours. with some Aerobatic training. THe goal is to start small and then compete or perform.
    Looking for Trainings instrutors/training centers/ any resources to get started.

    Location: DFW, TX Area But can travel of a good program is available else where.

    Thanks for all of your help.


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    Looks like there is a school in McKinney (Four Winds) that might be worth looking at. There's also a candidate in Midlothian (Big Q).

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    It looks like there is a very active IAC chapter near you (link below). Join IAC and get involved with the chapter, that's going to be the fastest way to get you into acro and ready to compete.
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