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Thread: Windows OS Recommendations for SW

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    Question Windows OS Recommendations for SW

    Good Day All,

    I have acquired a relatively high-power HP computer system, actually a HP xw8600 workstation with more than adequate processing power, hard-drive, memory and video card memory.

    Of the (3 Windows operation choices supported by Solid Works; Win 7, 8.1 and 10 (all 64 bit base), is there a preference or benefit for one over the other?

    I'm most familiar with Windows 7 and have that on my other computer systems except one tablet running Win 10.

    Any suggestions are appreciated.


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    I'm on Win7. My wife's poor experience with Win8 made that one a no go for me. I have heard nothing good about Win10 and SWx.

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    I use Win10 (Core I7-7700 processor) and SW. No issues. You couldn't pay me to use Win8 either, but since Microsoft has decided that maybe people don't really want their desktop to look like the third-rate phone nobody bought... I have no real complaints with Win 10.

    SolidWorks is, to be perfectly honest, the ONLY reason I'm running Windows at all. Everything else either has a perfectly acceptable and free open source Linux equivalent, or runs perfectly fine under WINE. SW was the main exception. Ubuntu desktop works great for everything else. When my Windows hard drive crashed I lived with just Ubuntu as my only desktop OS for a couple of weeks while waiting for SSDs to go on sale around Black Friday. After the first few days I didn't miss Windows one bit.
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    I expect that Solid Works will work on Windows 10.

    I have had a subscription to Solid Works for many years. Solid Works recommended customers stay with Windows 7. I have not seen any recommendation that I changeover to Windows 10. Until I see that SW recommends Windows 10, I would stay with 7.

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    Thanks so much for the feedback, Win7 it is.

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