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Thread: Help identifying Nicholas Beazley/Fahlin prop

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    Help identifying Nicholas Beazley/Fahlin prop


    My father recently gave me a Fahlin propeller and was hoping someone could assist in the identification of it. What I do know is that:
    1. The prop was manufactured by Fahlin
    2. The sticker on the prop states that, “ Manufactured exclusively for Nicholas Beazley Airplane Company”.
    3. The prop measures 90” inches in length.
    4. Mounting: 3/8" bolt, 8 hole, 1 1/2" spacing
    5. Stamped on the propeller face near the center hub:
    · DES.385
    · NO. 1194
    · WB 650

    If you know of any information on this type of propeller and what aircraft it was used on I would really enjoy knowing more. Thank you for your time.
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