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Thread: Buying a Stolp Starduster Too

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    MAKE Sure you have the Operating Limitations AND that the aircraft has had the proper sign off from Phase one to Phase two in the logbooks. Sounds like he paperwork was not a priority with this seller. Also the A/W cert. and logbooks. With out the Ops Limits you may find yourself contacting your local FSDO for a test area and having to fly off the test period hours to be able to sign off Phase two.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dbegeman View Post
    The airplane has not had a condition inspection in quite some time (11 years). I like the airplane but I am not going to get into something Imay regret later!
    Depends. Are you looking for something to fly, or are you looking for a project airplane? If you're looking for something to fly, you're going to regret buying a project airplane. If you're looking for something to keep you busy and maybe fly some day, then you're in luck.

    And yeah, if you have not already asked about the plane on the Biplane Forum, you should.
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    One of my neighbors owned a Starduster for several years. He wasn't the original builder, but he might have some type-specific wisdom to impart. If you PM me your email, I'll forward it along to him.

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