Hello All

Thank you for taking the time to read my ad.

I'm a long time EAA member, 30+ years.

I have the spruce kit and plywood kit for a Corby Starlet for immediate (health and an impending move forces the) sale. I believe we will be closing on the sale of the house this Friday, then I am REALLY under the gun!

On the Aircraft Spruce and Speciality web site, right now, the spruce kit is currently listed at $1118 and the plywood kit at $1131. I do not have the plans. I bought the materials for a future project, not Corby Starlet.

I'd like to sell all for $1200.

I also have a large stack of hand culled Douglas Fir. (BTW, I am a licensed A&P.) Most is 8' and 10' lengths of 1x3. Some is vertical cut, some slash cut, but all of it is clear, straight grain. Well within the specs for wood construction. I am open to offers on this material as well.

I have one sheet of 1220mm by 2440mm Lloyds certified mahogany marine ply (3mm?) and two 4 by 8 sheets of 3/8" marine grade Doug Fir plywood. Also open to offers

Will you please put out an email blast to your membership? Time is of the essence! I'm moving out of state, and need to be gone in two weeks.

This is certainly a deal, and I hope someone has a use for it. I would truly hate to see it become firewood.It was my plan to take it all with me, but I just don't believe that to be feasible at this time.

Material is in Sarasota County, just off of I-75, north of the Charlotte County line, North Port.

Please give me a call on my cell number, 503-434-3955.

Best regards and Happy New Year,,
Michael Bynum