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Thread: How is EAA Actively promoting the Sport Pilot program

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    You might be able to fly off most of the 40 hours as a solo student. You would need to get soloed and endorsed by an instructor in a similar aircraft, I think. If the aircraft is a single seat you can take the check ride with the DPE on the ground, I think.
    Request that Operating Limitations NOT limit student solo when you get the Airworthiness certificate.
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    If you build E-LSA it’s a lot less than 40 hours.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CHICAGORANDY View Post
    I've not yet started flight training but did buy the Gleim SP package and have worked through it. I am retired, 69 years aged, and definitely NOT a wealthy person who will ever be able to afford to buy and maintain an airplane of my own.

    The more I read the more I'm starting to get a form of buyer's remorse wondering if there will be a 'practical' and convenient way for me to actually use the Sport Pilot ticket if I proceed to get one. My nearest training facility is over 90 minutes away and they only have 2 LSA planes. Will it be worth hours of commuting to try and rent for just an hour or two of flight? The reality of a GREAT 'sounding' program with no infrastructure is kinda depressing.

    If I'm getting those discouraging thoughts in Chicago, I can't imagine how daunting it will be for folks in small towns.
    So what did you think of the Gleim SP package? My real goal Is to own and fly an Ultra Light but no harm in getting the ground school and test out of the way in case I change my mind. I wonder how long the results of the written test are valid?

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    The results of the Sport, Rec, and Private Knowledge test are valid for 2 years. Make sure not to lose the test results sheet the testing evaluator will give you.

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    I think the Gleim package is quite complete and comprehensive. Written in understandable language and the format breaks up the materials in small enough segments to motivate continuing.

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