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Thread: How is EAA Actively promoting the Sport Pilot program

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Giger;70661


    Above all, the wife's support was key. She has absolutely no interest in General Aviation at all, but since it's important to me, it's important to her. Indeed, she'll sometimes ask why I haven't gone out to the airport to either work on the plane (there is always something to do on it) or go fly!

    This is my wife. She has absolutely no interest in flying. I can't say she doesn't like aviation. She TOTALLY supports my habit/hobby. She's been right by our daughter's side all the way, while she's gotten all her rating up to CFII, and is supporting her on to the airlines. And would be an encouragement to our other daughter as well, if she were to decide to get her PPL. We live on a private airport, and my wife wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

    Sorry, didn't mean to hijack the thread, but..........thought it was a good opportunity to brag.

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    I'm in the same boat, PPL in 1974, flew for a few years then life got in the way. A couple of years ago I decided to get back to doing the only sport I like, flying. There are two 1946 Champs for rent 40 miles from my home and they stay busy most of the time, either flying or in the shop. I made quite a few trips to the airport to fly only to find the weather/wind to bad for my skill level or someone extended their flight time and now the plane is in the shop for a 100 hr. inspection. Also, they jacked up the fuel prices and the price for instruction so I decided to stop wasting my money and roll the dice to get my 3rd class medical again. After the Aeromed Dr. sent all my paper work to the FAA, I got a letter 5 weeks later saying they needed more info. I ended up doing it all over again, new stress test, even though the first one was less than 3 months old, new sleep study and new eye exam. I mailed off 92 pages of stuff two weeks ago so maybe in a couple of months I'll know something. The only reason I'm going for my 3rd class again is because there are at least 25 airplanes within 50 miles that I could have access to, compared to the two Champs. Sport Flying is what I do anyway, I'm not going to fly into a busy airport unless I have my (best friend) instructor with me. I have more time in a 150 than anything else but for S/P, it's off limits. I know at 71 it's a gamble but with the lack of S/P aircraft I feel I don't have much choice.

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