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Above all, the wife's support was key. She has absolutely no interest in General Aviation at all, but since it's important to me, it's important to her. Indeed, she'll sometimes ask why I haven't gone out to the airport to either work on the plane (there is always something to do on it) or go fly!

This is my wife. She has absolutely no interest in flying. I can't say she doesn't like aviation. She TOTALLY supports my habit/hobby. She's been right by our daughter's side all the way, while she's gotten all her rating up to CFII, and is supporting her on to the airlines. And would be an encouragement to our other daughter as well, if she were to decide to get her PPL. We live on a private airport, and my wife wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

Sorry, didn't mean to hijack the thread, but..........thought it was a good opportunity to brag.