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Thread: Various Goodies "Experimental" T-Shirts and Instrument/Gauge Range Marking Decals

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    Big Grin Various Goodies "Experimental" T-Shirts and Instrument/Gauge Range Marking Decals

    Hey All, I still have some shirts from a few years ago if anybody interested, new in bags. I also have some nice range marking decals available as well!! Below are some images, and links for further information or purchases. Sorry about the limited sizes and colors for the shirts.

    T-Shirts - Aviation - "Experimental":

    T-Shirts - Aviation - Experimental Rotorcraft Aircraft (Gyroplane):

    Range Marking Arcs Kit - Decals for Aircraft Flight Instruments and Gauges:

    If links do not work, enter 222737137680 (for the “experimental” shirts), or 222737134502 (for the “gyroplane” shirts), or 222736172309 for the arc decals, in the search box on the eBay site and click the search button!

    Thanks for looking!!
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