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Thread: Feedback Needed - Homebuilt Aircraft Cruise Speeds

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    Regarding the KR-2, most builders are building the stretched version and using either Corvairs, or O-200s with a few using O-235s for power. At last year's KR Gathering, all the new KRs were flying behind O-200 powerplants and not a single Corvair was there, which is not to say there aren't still a number of them flying and under construction. My O-200 powered KR-2S shows 185 mph at WOT, but normal cruise is typically 155 - 160 mph. Some of the KRs that are a newer than mine are a bit faster using the newer wing design. It's also worth noting that the handling characteristics of the stretch versions, while still very light on the controls, are much improved over the original KR-2 design, which should make a significant impact on the accident rate.

    My SuperCub Clone at WOT shows 120 mph but also kind of thrashes the plane at that speed. Normal cruise for me is 100 mph... or less depending on how much I throttle back for site seeing and whether I have the doors open.

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