Here is a question on the Young Eagles program. I am fully aware that it is intended to get kids their first small airplane flight. But here is my issue. There is a local trade school program for high school aged kids. One of the programs is an aviation program where the kids learn the basics of aviation and get some flight lessons with a local flight school. Unfortunately, just as is the case with most student pilots, most will not follow through to the point of getting their PPL. I see them as the perfect audience to bring into the EAA, and an EAA chapter, for aviation related mentorship and fellowship. If they could be given a Young Eagles flight (even though they have flown already), they could then get the free EAA student membership and the free access to the Sportys Learn To Fly program. I think that would be a huge boost to helping them complete the PPL. Also if we as a chapter give them a chapter student membership as well, I see this as a win all around. Good to have the young blood in the chapter, good for the EAA, and good for GA in general.