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Thread: latex paint

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    Quote Originally Posted by crackle View Post
    ...not developed specifically for the application...
    And th' E in EAA?
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    Hi guys

    I did the video on painting with latex. I do believe it's a viable option for most low end airplanes (you're not going to put a $150 paint job on a $100000 airplane). I have some detailed information on the process on My Titan Tornado still looks great after 6 years and lot of miles. You might be interested in the current project which is the restoration of a Nesmith Cougar (Fabric, Metal, and Fiberglass all painted with the same paint). It's in the Wiener Dog Blog section of the site. Thanks for posting the update on the Fly Baby. That site was my big encouragement to try latex in the first place.

    Malcolm Morrison

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