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Thread: Compact Radial Engines out of business???

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    Compact Radial Engines out of business???

    I made a routine call to Compact Radial Engines in Vancouver last week to order an MZ201 2-into-1 inlet manifold and reduction drive. I had to leave a message as no one answered. I got a call back about an hour later, from a lady who said that CRE has been sold. and they could not process my order.

    I asked who the new owner was, and was told to contact someone with the email address grayzhumail @ The lady said that's all the info they have, no address or phone. I've sent them an email but have not gotten a reply back in a weeks time....

    Does anyone know about this, or if there is any alternate source for the MZ201 parts I need?

    Thanks in advance,
    Jeff in Colorado

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    see my thread in the hangar talk section........
    Jim Heffelfinger

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