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Thread: Cigar Lighter

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    I dealt with the USB power outlet issue when I started using the Stratux ADS-B receiver transmitting to a Nexux 7 tablet. I purchased a neat looking dual USB outlet from eBay and eagerly installed it in the RV-6. The thing caused so much static in the KX125 nav/com that it was unusable. I next tried a couple of USB cigar lighter adapters purchased at auto parts stores and they created the same problem. One day I stuck an el cheapo USB adapter from Walmart in the power outlet and it worked perfectly and I still use it today. Just lucky I guess......

    I've since taken the unusable dual USB outlet, stripped out the electronics, and wired it to one of these:

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    This device is quiet and works very nicely.
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    I have had the static issue, primarily on my #2 navcom, for quite some time. On some frequencies it was more than just annoying. I have 3 devices that use USB ports and 3 that use cigarette lighter ports, so narrowing down to the offender wasn’t all that easy, especially since it was intermittent. But this past year my no name dual USB adapter stopped providing sufficient power to keep both the Stratus 2 and iPad Mini 4 from gradually discharging over a long flight. They were still being charged; just not at the same rate as the discharge. So I took a chance and ordered a MyGoFlight dual USB adapter at the premium price of $30, and voila!, both problems mostly solved! Now when I land, both devices have a higher percentage charge level than before I departed, and the static is largely gone. I still have one device, a Zaon traffic alerter that has a dedicated power supply that still occasionally causes static, but I can easily shut it off or disconnect it from ship’s power to run on its batteries.

    $30 is a lot to spend on a dual USB adapter, but the relief from static is well worth it.

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