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Thread: U F O in Denver

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    U F O in Denver

    Sometimes there are UFO sightings that are just by eyesight, may be in remote areas,, may only be one of two witnesses and may remain unidentified ,never having a rational explanation.
    But this one was different, a few days ago radar at Denver approach control was picking up something big, that they couldnt identify. It was 70 miles long and they knew they had no giant flight of airplanes. It was too big to be a flock of geese which can be the area.
    They then asked pilots to be on the lookout for this, and an explanaition did result. Guess what that was?

    By the way, nothing to do with this UFO but there was a report of steam coming out of a volcano which formed clouds that were saucer shaped, sort of like lenticulars but close to the ground. The photo looked so much like a flying saucer that one would think first of a movie.
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    Hi Bill, my guess is you're referring to the butterfly migration that radar picked up near Denver?

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    You are right Sam, National weather service gives that as the official explanation. I wonder if any planes flew through them and if the got a lot covering the windscreen and leading edges of the wings, or if there could be enough to affect jet engine intakes. Hard to belive that a butterfly can reflect enogh to show up on radar but I guess millions of them can, it was 70 miles wide!
    So the ufo becomes a IFO.

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    Only UFO I have personally seen...

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    I was actually involved in a UFO sighting, about 40 years ago. I was working at the Aerospace Data Facility out at Buckley (then a National Guard Base)...if you've seen the big "golf balls" east of Denver, you know where I worked.

    Anyway, came on duty one winter evening. As I was shaking off the coats, the site Senior Director was on the phone. A citizen had spotted a stream of UFOs over Denver...flickering along, jumping forward occasionally. He'd called Lowry Air Force Base, and the duty officer at Lowry suggested he call "that Space Outfit" at Buckley.

    But, I'd seen the "UFO", too... on may way into work. It was a searchlight (probably at a car dealership) with the beam making a wide circle. There were low clouds in Denver, plus some patchy stuff real low. The beam would follow the main clouds, then seem to jump when it encountered some of the lower ones.

    Ron "We mean no harm to your planet" Wanttaja

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    Back in March of 1976, when I lived in Albuquerque, I saw quite the UFO. I was headed to El Paso to pick up a rental customer who wanted to fly the rented Bonanza into Mexico -- boss wanted me to go along, just in case. Flight went fine, interesting trip in Mexico, but I had to leave about 3:30 AM to pick up the customer at ELP and clear customs.

    It was a beautiful morning (I love night flying), clear and calm. The stars stood out nicely. But leaving the Sunport (ABQ) I noticed a very bright light off my left wing. It wasn't obvious where this light was (I couldn't even see the outline of the Manzanos), but it appeared to be right by Sandia base (located near Kirtland AFB/Sunport) so I presumed it was Sandia Labs doing something. But a few minutes later I realized that it was still in the same position off my left wing, so I was a tad puzzled. A half hour later it was still there. Wow! Wonder what it is?

    Finally, as the sky started to get light in the east I realized that this light was above the tops of the mountains. It was the comet West, standing out like a sore thumb.

    Larry N.

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    Last December I had just moved into a new house outside of Atlanta, and from behind the trees in my front yard 3 arrows with 5 or 6 lights flying formation flew right over my head with no noise, I know they were flying formation because 2 of the lights had to ketch up with the lead 3. They flew right towards planes departing Atlanta and flew right between 2 departing planes and vanished into the sky. I can hear every plane that I see but these were silent. And they didn't vanish over the horizon they disappeared straight up into the sky until they were gone. Who fly's formation at night? And fly's right though planes departing a major airport? It was pretty cool anyway!

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