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Thread: What Songs Pump YOU Up for Flying?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hal Bryan View Post
    I love Marty's choice, but I'm laughing at the fact that mine is at the complete opposite end of the spectrum!

    This song has been inextricably tied to the opening of a hangar door on a blue sky day since I first heard it in 1991. (Those of you know me know of my deep affection for the film itself, too.)

    Darn it Hal, you are costing me MORE money! I just bought the BluRay, now I need to buy the soundtrack too! (I draw the line at the helmet, too hard to fly the Pacer with it on!) So I'll be adding the opening theme to my list.

    I also have a certain podcast's intro and outro now too which bring a smile to my face! (Thank you Hal and Jim O')

    What do I already have? Remember a few years back when the dynamic duo of Ric and James wrote a couple of numbers for EAA Radio about AirVenture? Yep, I hve MP3s of all three that I know of: AirVenture Blues, North 40, and my personal favorite Rock Your Wings! If they wrote any others I'd be searching for them too!!! Oh, and although it isn't really "aviation" I also have several pieces played by Jerry's One Man Band on my favorite list, they bring both a smile to my face and a tear to my eye simultaneously.
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    Van Morrison - Into the Mystic.

    Shedaisy - Battle Hymn of the Republic

    The Royal Guardsmen - Snoopy vs The Red Barron

    Hendrix or Derek and the Dominoes - Little Wing

    The Beatles - Don't Let Me Down

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    A little Motley Crue gets me fired up... to tear up the sky at 65mph.
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    The opinions and statements of this poster are largely based on facts and portray a possible version of the actual events.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Hann View Post
    Darn it Hal, you are costing me MORE money! I just bought the BluRay, now I need to buy the soundtrack too! (I draw the line at the helmet, too hard to fly the Pacer with it on!)
    It's easier with an open-cockpit airplane.

    Ron "They say I look like a hood ornament" Wanttaja

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    Quote Originally Posted by Floatsflyer View Post
    Same for me as well but I have a number of favourite songs that make me think about flying, that make me dream about flying, that inspire me to create flying videos(never have) using each of these songs as soundtracks:

    Time- Pink Floyd

    Couldn't Get It Right- Climax Blues Band

    Pushin' Too Hard- The Seeds

    Love Train- The O'Jays (I substitute Train with Plane- go ahead try it)

    Twisting By The Pool- Dire Straits

    Journey To The Centre Of Your Mind- The Amboy Dukes(for all you gun totin, gun lovin' people, Ted Nugent founded this band and plays lead guitar like a man on fire)

    I Had Too Much Too Dream Last Night- The Electric Prunes ( used on Air America soundtrack)

    Learning To Fly- Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

    Edit: Forgot to add that back in the day I used the ADF for only listening to AM top 40 radio while flying. Great fun and great feeling.
    Wow Float, The Seeds, Amboy Dukes, you're going back a ways !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyle Boatright View Post

    Hendrix or Derek and the Dominoes - Little Wing.....
    Yes! Little Wing -- perfect for the small biplane pilot. I would respectfully add a third version as a possibility (or even have all three available);

    That one might inspire some more spirited flying...........

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    Quote Originally Posted by robert l View Post
    Wow Float, The Seeds, Amboy Dukes, you're going back a ways !
    Yes indeed. So is your choice of avatar- almost 50 years ago but still timely and prophetic. "This used to be a helluva good country. I can't understand what's gone wrong with it." - George Hanson(Jack Nicholson)

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    The play list my youngest son and I listen to on the way to the airport is:

    The Right Stuff: Breaking the Sound Barrier
    Planes Main Title (really segues well from Right Stuff)
    Top Gun Anthem
    Danger Zone -- Kenny Loggins (If we listen to nothing else, we hit this one)

    And now I have to add Rocketeer!
    Chris Mayer

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    Learn to Fly - Foo Fighters

    Note this vid is the Rockin' 1000 version. Imagine the logistics during this and their other shows.

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