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Thread: Pre aileron Quicksilver Questions help sought.

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    Pre aileron Quicksilver Questions help sought.

    I am working on a Quicksilver project and I am about to build a full scale wing section but have a few questions. I have built Quicksilver hang gliders but I need some information about the leading edge and rear spar of the MX. My project will be a spoileron wing so rear spar info that pertains to the pre aileron MX and weight shift model is sought.

    First the MX leading edge looks like a 1 and 5/8ths X .058 and I don't know for sure if any internal sleeving was used?
    I assume that the leading edge external sleeving is just segments at the stress points, and not a continuous sleeve like on the 2 inboard compression struts and diagonal strut. Is this the case?

    That leaves the rear spar which looks like 1 inch, but the wall thickness is what I need to know about. The hang glider was .049 but what about the MX? Also is the rear spar external sleeves just segments at the stress points? Thanks GS

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    Best place for info on old Quicksilvers is the yahoo group, somebody there will no doubt know. Also check out Tri-State Kites. Mark Smith, who was the undisputed Quickilver guru, is gone, but the business is still operating.

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    You might check out Air Tech Inc. as they make all the parts for Quicksilver now and they are a nice group of folks to deal with.

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