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Thread: Major Upgrade to Airport Courtesy Cars Site-Please Read.

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    Major Upgrade to Airport Courtesy Cars Site-Please Read.

    If you are a user of the Airport Courtesy Cars site, I would like to inform you of a major upgrade and improvement. Effective mid December, A.C.C.'s will be fully web based, and will continue to be a secure site. Many of you over the past couple of years have asked for these improvements, the biggest user request being the site does not work on certain devices. By converting A.C.C's to a web based site, the advantage is clear, the site will now work on any device. Also, there is no possibility of bugs or crashes like an app. The information will be the same.

    During this transition period, it is important for you to bookmark the web address on your device so your service remains uninterrupted. For further information, click on the large red banner on the main page of the site, or follow the link directly HERE.
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