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    Two Good Stories

    Two stories and the first one really has no airplanes, so if that bothers you dont read, but if you want see something good in a lot of strife, look on Yahoo at the story of the lady and the shoe store. And since it is long and not aviation Im not going to post it.
    The next one is all about aviation, and another feel good line except in the strife of wartime. Im reading Peter Townsend book,DUEL OF EAGLES. Peter is an RAF ace in Hurricanes and post war almost married Princess Margaret, as seen in the recent series THe Royals. In Nov 1940 after the turning point of the Battle of Britain, Goering is still making a lot of boasts, Churchill refers to him as "the windy one". Too bad they could not have been on the same side, these both larger than life figures. Anyway this story the Russian minister Molotov is visiting Berlin Nov 12, and wisked off to the shelter at Wilhelmstrasse while German Gen Ribbentrop claims, "England is defeated,the war is won." Molotov, the realist then asked, " Then whose are those bombers overhead and what are we doing in this shelter.?" No word on the reply if any, but a great moment when propaganda meets fact.
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