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Thread: Question about GPS

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    They do have an aviation specific gadget that does what you want. Check out APPAREO at and look at the VISION 1000. I worked for a 135 outfit about 15 years ago and they tried out the original version of this device. It was a "strap down" gadget and recorded pitch, roll, heading etc and had a dedicated WAAS GPS. It could be easily moved from aircraft to aircraft. It was used for flight data monitoring. Plain english, it was/is a "snitch." Price tag alert: 15 years ago it ran about $5,000.

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    Question about GPS

    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Giger View Post
    The big thing about tablets is finding out which ones have true GPS receivers. Avoid anything with AGPS or a-GPS, as it, like the cake, is a lie. It's using networks and cell towers.
    Note that the ”A” in AGPS stands for “assisted”. It’s as real a GPS as any other device. Because the cell network knows exactly where each tower is, it uses the cell network triangulation to give your device’s navigation applications a faster reference point lock while its actual GPS chip is looking for satellites.

    Ever have your “real” GPS turned off and travel cross country in a jetliner with it in your bag, and turn it on on the other side of the country only to find that it takes some time to locate the satellites because it’s hundreds of miles away from its last known location? That’s where AGPS shines.

    It’s as real a GPS as any other you’ll use.


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