No, that's not a misprint when I wrote "at" instead of "an". Read on. Many people refer to flying an instrument approach as " shooting an approach". This is a silly term, when you fly an instrument approach you are flying a plane, even in an armed fighter or bomber you aren't shooting a gun or missile., you are trying to get the plane down through clouds to a safe landing. I dont know where that term came from, but people like to have nicknames, and terminology for things.
But this if different, though it reminded me of the inst approach slang. This morning on Yahoo there is a story about a post apparently on Facebook where someone is encouraging people to shoot at Irma, that is actually fire their guns at Irma Thats what I mean in the title, shooing at an approaching storm. Seems a 22 year old man came up with this idea and posted it as a joke, and 50,000 people actually took it as serious and were ready to join in shooting guns at a hurricane. To compound the joke there is another bogus posting which claims to be a local sheriff saying not to shoot the hurricane and with a chart showing how the bullets would be turned around by the wind and sent back.
There's not too much else to say about this story, one poster says people in Florida are different but Ill bet this could have happened in Texas or lots of other places. Read it and laugh while shaking your head.