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Thread: Additional Methods for Tailless Aircraft Conceptual Design

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    Post Additional Methods for Tailless Aircraft Conceptual Design

    I sent a copy of this paper to be posted on the Nurflugel and TWITT sites, but thought I would share it on a few of the forums as well. I wrote the paper since I haven't seen some of the content addressed anywhere else, and some enthusiasts might be interested. I didn't think that it rose to the level for submission to the professional engineering organizations, but I thought it would still have value for the homebuilder and RC enthusiasts.

    Before anyone gets too critical because I didn't include sections on the other numerous issues associated with tailless aircraft, the paper was only intended to provide additional methods for the conceptual designer in certain areas and not as a complete treatise. You still need to take into account all of those other considerations when using these methods. Also, the paper has not been through a rigorous peer review, so if anyone finds issues with the contents please feel free to pass me your comments.

    In the future I'd like to do a revision to expand the data to include higher aspect ratios, provide an example or two, and explain using additive mean lines for airfoil design.



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    Pretty neat, though I lack the education to speak to the merits of the paper to go beyond that.
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    The paper looks good. I was a little confused in section 3 about "the area behind the quarter chord point of the mean aerodynamic chord." I've sketched (half of the wing for) what I think is correct, can you check it and see?
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    There are a few spelling mistakes, but for sharing on enthusiast forums that doesn't really matter.

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    Tailless Designs

    Have you evaluated the A/B "Dyke Delta JD2" design that has been flying 55 years as of 2017 ? It is arguably the most successful of the A/B tailless designsName:  Jim Maher_Delta Builders Photos 075.jpg
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