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Thread: Plastic Film Interaction with 6061 Aluminum

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    Plastic Film Interaction with 6061 Aluminum

    Hi, All;

    I'm in the early stages of planning my next build. This time around, storage space will be at a premium, so I was thinking of building the wings first, and hanging them from the garage ceiling.

    I was thinking about wrapping them well with that stretchy, clingy clear film that they use to keep pallet contents relatively together.

    I have no idea what flavor of polymers are used in that film, so was wondering if anyone knows of any adverse reactions that might cause when wrapped around a wing for a year or two. I want to wrap them for two reasons: a) keep the dust off the surfaces, and b) keep the mud-daubers out.

    Thanks for any suggestions;

    Carl Orton
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    I avoid anything with the potential to trap moisture. We've seem enough corrosion under protective film in the RV world to recognize and avoid that problem.

    How about taping the openings and using old sheets as dust covers?

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