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Thread: AirVenture 2018

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    Quote Originally Posted by robert l View Post
    Well, it's official, I'm having knee replacement surgery on Jan. 23, 2018. At some point before then I will re-visit the surgeon to get all the details and I'm going to ask about getting an injection for my other knee about a week before Airventure. That's what I've been doing the past couple of years but now that that knee is going to be fixed, I'll start getting shots in the (good, ha, ha) knee. Also, just had injections in my back for sciatic pain but won't know how it's working for another week. I will have almost 6 mos. recovery before Airventure so I figure I'll be good to go. Still working on the camper thing.
    Good luck!

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    How about a dirigible again for 2018 ? I know EAA reads this. What say ?
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    Well I think I have it figured out. I bought a 1975 Apache hard side pop up camper, "NO CANVAS" ! (Bad experience years ago with canvas pop up, it rained and although it didn't leak, the condensation kept everything damp. Sleeping bag, clothes, towels, everything !) It's not fancy but I think it will serve the purpose. Going to get new tires, repack the wheel bearings and make sure it's road worthy. One of the pilots at the local airport has dubbed it, "The Oshkosh Hilton". I think he's making fun of it. LOL

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