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Thread: Homebuilt Powered Paraglider Quad

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    Carbon Fiber wings

    I have a set of carbon fiber wings from a Swift glider. Can someone push me in the right direction to sell them?
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    Whoops! I think you accidentally hijacked my build thread lima tango - please post in a new topic.

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    OK, here are a couple high load rating tandem wings I'm thinking about (input welcome):

    Bi-shuttle 41: (837 lb. load rating)

    Gin 42 trike: (813 lb. load rating) don't know if this is available in the US?

    Any other suggestions? I'm going to start a topic post on Paraglider wing vs. parachute wing and post the link here. As per my previous, I'm doing small posts on individual issues and posting the results here.

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    OK, this one is a PPC configuration with an optional 350kg load:
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